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why did Marilyn *beep* this guy???

Can somebody tell me? I realize she had a taste for guy's other than what most girls go for and thats all good but what did she see in this ugly older boring guy that made her cheat on her husband? I know, her relationship with her husband was not great but why this guy? Can some girl give me the answer? And don't say it was the stimulating conversation please......


I wish I had an intelligent answer, but seriously, I bloody don't know! I had always hoped she had stayed with her boyfriend Tony. He was so much more lively. Jean-Marc Clement was just boring, insensitive, ruthless. Maybe it was that darn French accent of his!?



The topic starter was referring to the relationship that MONROE and MONTAND were ACTUALLY having (during the shooting of the film) :p


Because he's freakin' Yves Montand...

Keep one eye, my friends, on the elegant universe...


...judging by him also being Edith Piaf's lover (and from all the relationships that he had even though he WAS married to Signoret), I guess he was beeping good at bed


Why can't some just admit she was a sleaze with men. All the talk about he wanting to be love, just maybe wrong, she simply liked getting it on.


So if a woman likes sex, she's a "sleaze"? That's a hell of a working theory. I'll let you in on a secret - women like sex and we don't all just lay back and think of England. Just like dudes can go out and score with multiple women, chicks can do the same with multiple men. Our society's bullsh*t double standard is the reason why I continuously stumble upon moronic remarks on these boards made by backward a** dudes who think women are either Madonnas or whores. Nah, dude, we're just as complex and human as men. Likely more so.

I'm not sticking up for Monroe because carrying on an affair that publicly is just tacky but loads of male stars did the same thing (Gary Cooper, Clark Gable, Bing Crosby, Bob Hope, etc.) and there are no men on those boards calling them a "sleaze".

Oh, and just like any good old fashioned neurotic mess, Monroe wasn't crazy about the actual act of sex. Prim and pristine Grace Kelly was more of a nympho if you wanna get technical. Monroe was more interested in getting the guy, not necessarily getting laid. There's a billion MM bios out there that cover this.


That is a straw man argument you just made. Did the poster above you say she was sleazy for liking sex? No.

She was sleazy for having an affair while married. It IS sleazy for both men and women to do that.

And the idea that you know anything about how much she did or did not "the actual act of sex" is absurd.


ugly older boring guy

"Ugly"? A matter of opinion. Certainly a majority of women in the U.S. and Europe in 1960 would disagree with you - if not shout you down.

"Boring"? Again, opinion and you're welcome to your even though a great many classic film fans would disagree on this point, as well.

"Older"? If by this you mean "too old for Marilyn," then you are just flat wrong. Yves Montand was born October 13, 1921. Marilyn Monroe was born June 1, 1926. Montand is only 4 years and 8 months older.

Also, Montand was a major international movie star. The fact that you didn't know that - or anything else about him - kind of destroys the credibility of anything you say, now doesn't it?


"Education never ends Watson. It is a series of lessons with the greatest for the last."


Well my comment wasn't written with any "credibility" smart ass it was written as a question looking for answers/opinions. And you say that goes for ANYTHING I have to say!!! LOLOLOLOL

Your obvious infatuation with him is admirable and I'm glad I gave you a forum to express it! If you haven't come out of the closet you have now....

What does his movie star status (or really lack of, this guy was NEVER a huge star and was NOT a very good actor) have to do with anything? Your saying that the women of the day would shout me down. LOL... I think Justin Beiber is a complete joke in his.. uh craft? as well and I'll bet a lot more would shout me down for that. Montand was not "huge" in the US.

Your saying she was with him because of that? LOL..... You are giving her minimal credit. She did have a specific taste in men but I don't think by that time in her career that had anything to do with it.

But in all honesty, not many would disagree that he was an awkward, stiff, unattractive guy that didn't deserve to be in the same room as Marilyn but hey! It's all OPINION......

So by your post and your signature which I'm stereotyping, sorry, you consider yourself a fountain of knowledge and superior in intelligence to, well probably everyone! So even answering you is a waste of time. I detest people like you BTW.

Keep the post and this forum in perspective, don't be such an ass and confrontational and you might get kinder more respectful responses. I stand behind my original post.



Hey, whoa there. Easy big fellow. I didn’t know your ego was that fragile.

First of all, your analogy with Beiber (or any other pop singer) is not apt. I said “WOMEN” not tween girls.

Next, Yves Montand was, indeed, a good actor and famous international star. His acting range was large and he worked with some great directors. His first major film role was in “The Wages of Fear” (1952) – one of the most suspenseful movies ever made – directed by Henri-Georges Clouzot (look him up). In contrast with his Jean-Marc Clement in “Let’s Make Love,” Montand plays a rough, unlettered oil field worker stuck in a seedy South American town. He becomes one of 4 men who see a way out by hiring on to drive two trucks, each with a load of nitroglycerin, over rocky mountain roads to put out an oil well fire. In “The Sleeping Car Murders,” Montand plays a hard-boiled police inspector for director Costa-Gavras (look him up). For the great Jean-Pierre Melville (the same), he was a alcoholic ex-cop with DTs who goes along with an elaborate caper scheme in “Le Cercle Rouge.” See, at least, these three movies and then get back to me.

If Clement is a bit of a stiff, it is because his playboy rep is bought by his riches. Montand nails the character.

And I stand by all of MY posts and statements.

As for being an ass and confrontational – my remarks were brief, to the point and, I admit, pointed. But nothing like the disjointed emotional tantrum you have thrown in your response.


"Education never ends Watson. It is a series of lessons with the greatest for the last."


*sigh*........ Ok, thanks for your opinion.

You consistently live up to my opinion of you by throwing out personal insults, though I appreciate your concern for my ego. You may think I threw a tantrum but I think If you read back through both of your posts, posts directed at me unprovoked, you will find you on multiple occasions threw out personal insults and then made a feeble attempt to make me look like the aggressor.

Just take a close look. Your ego won't let you, your opinion of your post was that you were "pointed" Like I said. You live up to my expectations every time you respond.

Though I did specifically ask for women's points of view, and there was a reason behind that, your opinion is duly noted.... I will give him credit for appearing with Marilyn Monroe in a movie. That does take status.

I'm just curious though..... If a pole was taken, In the U.S., the subject being "Do you know who Yves Montand is"? Or even WAS? How many people would know? I can't answer that question but I'll bet you know what I'm thinking. And I'm talking ALL age groups.

I'm not a kid, I have better than 40 years under my belt so I'm not an ADD Child of the Internet/action movie era. I surely don't have your incredible computer like knowledge concerning Mr. Montand though.

I've watched a few movies and even have a better than average knowledge of Golden Age Actors, Of course again, that's my opinion and only to give myself some "CREDIBILITY". Of course, we both know, according to you, I have none, so I digress.

Now, ask that same question about Marilyn Monroe.

We both know how that would turn out and really, the difference between the two as stars means nothing to this subject but I think in a way, it would bring you to the reality that Yes, there are fans out there I'm sure, but you have greatly overstated his importance as an actor due to your own stilted opinion.

But hey, That's all I asked for here was opinions. Not someone coming on here telling me I have no credibility and slinging around the laurels of a rather unimportant and relatively unknown or remembered actor. This has gone beyond a rather silly and unimportant post started by myself and turned into more than it should have. Again, Thanks for your opinion.

Remember....This is MY opinion.


I'm not an ADD Child of the Internet/action movie era.

You show a certain amount of ignorance about this subject, too, as you obviously know nothing about ADD/ADHD and how it affects us!

I am an adult in my late 50s who was diagnosed about 15 years ago. (Yes, I have at least two decades on you.) I've dealt with something I knew very little about throughout my life. I can tell you this: Movies that are, let us say, hectically-filmed, such as "Transformers" (to use the most-common film tossed at us) are NOT what most ADHD people respond to. Too much "busyness" is confusing and distracting, whether in life or on the screen. We can be overwhelmed by too much input; think of it as sensory overload when you include the music, sound effects and dialogue, especially the shouted/screaming type found in those movies you claim that ADHD people gravitate toward. You are wrong!

I get very peeved at reading those shots at ADD/ADHD people here on IMDb. Learn about it before you start throwing around such claims about what we're supposed to prefer. We are capable of watching and appreciating all types of movies. However, many of us will admit that frantic films such as "Speed Racer" and the aforementioned "Transformers" can be just too much to stand; I actually have developed severe headaches while trying to watch some of these, something I have in common with a couple of other friends with ADHD. You won't find movies filled with car thefts/races/explosions/etc. on my "To Watch" list.

So, let's stop the ADHD stuff, please?! It's a major insult that we definitely do not need! We have enough to deal with as is without being written off as idiots who only want to watch explosions and lots of quick-cut images.




Your right, it has become a bit of a cliche' and a stereotype to use that to describe the current younger generation due to the amount of technology that is thrown at them. That description has become the norm. I know ADD/ADHD is not a new affliction it just seems to be, like a lot of mental issues a "description" I guess that gets used as an adjective when it really shouldn't be.

My guess is I myself suffer, to a certain degree, ADD due to certain observations in my life, including I admittedly lost interest in your post about half way through, but I got the gist and I learned a few things.

It is a very overused diagnosis these day's in my opinion though. I'm not saying in your case, just in general it seems every kid out there is taking a pill for it.

I actually know quite a bit about certain mental conditions having suffered through PTSD and going through many doctors. 3 different ones at once at one point. You tend to do a lot of research when you have these issues. At least I do.

So If you were offended I apologize. I will try to be more sensitive in throwing around statements like that. As I said, it is an often used phrase on the Internet to describe a certain age group or type than a definite diagnosis of a condition. That's not an excuse just a fact. I really dislike the PC era we live in now where there is someone complaining about anything said but in this case I think you made your point.

This sentence however:
"You show a certain amount of ignorance about this subject, too" implies I am ignorant in more than your main topic. For that my reply is "prove it".. Or at least back it up. Perhaps your the ignorant one. You have stated nothing that impresses me with your brilliance all you have done is throw out an insult and move on with a long post all centered on pretty much.... YOU. Looking for sympathy here won't get you far, especially when your insulting people to get it. No respect there.

The 70's and 80's were a much less serious time.... The world got serious and defensive somewhere along the way.

Funny, this isn't where this old post was supposed to go but what the hell..


I was going to answer - that he was by no means "ugly", not to mention that he had loads of charm (which is what really matters) - but Mike did that so well that I don't have to. ;)

Oh, and "Wages of Fear", mentioned in a different post, is a fantastic movie!
I saw it when I was ten or eleven and could never forget it.
Of course, it only got better with (my) age. :)


First of all Marilyn Monroe was married to Arthur Miller is an enough reason right there.

It was rumored to be loveless marriage it was in name only. Arthur Miller criticized her about everything she did. He said about Marilyn that he was disappointed and embarrassed with their relationship. He accused her being self-destructive. There were rumors that Arthur would never admit, he had male problem and his ego when come to Marlyn. She helped support him when he was not making the money and when he was criticized and accused for being a communist.

You are wondering why she had affair with Yves Montand?

You need to compare Yves Montand and Arthur Miller to understand her reasons for having affair.

Charm, Personality, Wit, Suave, Humor, Kindess sometimes this all a man needs without having the looks, at the time Yves Montand was viewed by many women as a Paris Greek god.


Marilyn slept with Montand because he reminded her of Joe DiMaggio! The French accent also helped.Little is said how Montand USED HER to highten his OWN FAME in the U.S. ! He did not love her and in fact referred to her as a "child".
How humiliating for Miss Monroe to be used again by someone she thought may have been in love with her!


I am a Marilyn fan and my info is from 'Marilyn Confidential'.It is legit and from Marilyn's maid in NYC at the time she was employed by her.I am surprised more Marilyn fans aren't here to defend her.



The last two posts actually do make a lot of sense.... Thanks for the insight. I've always had trouble with it because she could have been with anyone... The problem is like has been said, they all wanted her for the wrong reasons. She was complicated but I believe very intelligent. She most definitely had a good understanding of herself, she was just a bit naive when it came to others. That's endearing but a quality that helped take her to her deep unhappiness.


What I find amazing and a true test of a Marilyn's strength is having to work with people who indeed used and humiliated her.You have to still smile, do kissing scenes , act like you're 'in love' when you've been ostracized by that person.Tony Curtis included.He DID say "Kissing Marilyn is like kissing Hitler."...He denied saying it but it was a known fact to everyone on the set that heard him.
Marilyn was a very brave soul that dealt with a lot of emotional abuse.


She found him attractive and sympathetic to her issues of insecurity. They had similar troubled childhoods. Arthur Miller was a pig and that marriage was essentially over.

I thought they were charming together in "Let's Make Love." Not that there was much of a script--especially for MM, she's barely on screen! But I've always liked her performance. Natural and sweet.

Montand himself admitted that if his wife, Simone Signoret had left him because of his affair with Marilyn, he would have married MM and "attempted a life together." Marilyn wrote to a friend that she hadn't heard from Montand, in the months after their movie ended, but "I don't care because I have such wonderful, tender memories."

And he DID look a lot like Joe D.



I think it was a few reasons, one of them being that he resembled Joe DiMaggio. I love Marilyn, but I have no tolerance for cheating. My belief is that you should break up before cheating! Even if her marriage with Miller was essentially over, I don't think cheating is right or justifiable at all. Also, the man was married and Marilyn was good friends with Signoret! So how could she do that to her own friend? And if Montand would have gone with Marilyn if Simone would have left him, I say that is a trashy thing to do because it makes it seem like he sees Marilyn as a last resort or a "back-up" incase his wife left him. If he cheated on his own wife, who can say that he wouldn't cheat on Marilyn? I consider Montand a pig for cheating on his wife. I disapprove of Marilyn going to married men. My reasoning behind it was that she was just so desperate for love. Unfortunately sometimes it was at others people's expense. She loved the attention of men (something I can relate to).

I will probably get hate messages for this, but understand that I'm a huge fan of Marilyn. I'm aware that we all make mistakes, and we are human. I'm not self-righteous. I'm not dropping Marilyn as my favorite movie star because of her mistakes. She did have a heart of gold though.

Some people hate on Marilyn and act like she was a serial killer or something.



As previously stated, I think it quite simple. Montand was extremely charming, physically well endowed, knew how to use his talents most effectively, older than Marilyn, plus he was a dead ringer for Joe. He wanted the same international stardom Monroe had, and he used her shamelessly, as he did Cukor to the extent he could. Similar to Richard Burton and his last chance, Elizabeth Taylor.He was no different than many who used others to move ahead, like Edith Piaf early on on in his career.He was Joe with less of the boredom factor. Marilyn surely would have married him, and there is evidence he later regretted letting her go. He said, "Perhaps we would have had only a couple of years, but what years they would have been ". It could have saved Marilyn's life, and stopped her from becoming involved with Robert Kennedy, which ultimately ended her life. However, she already knew Jack by 1960. Marriage to Miller, Actors Studio introspection, and psychoanalysis pushed Monroe on the road to destruction.


'He wanted the same international stardom Monroe had, and he used her shamelessly, as he did Cukor to the extent he could.'
Really, those men used her? I thought she was the one who used men to the extent she could, shamelessly. How demanding of Cukor to expect MM to act like a professional like every other actress, and to have the patience for her.

Montand is to be respected for not indulging himself by marrying an unstable woman so he wouldn't cause her grief, and she wouldn't cause him any. And for having the integrity to not marry for "2 years"; marriage is supposed to be taken seriously.

'Similar to Richard Burton and his last chance, Elizabeth Taylor.'
Why do assume Liz Taylor was his last chance, or that a proud man like Burton would need to exploit a woman? Because it's easy to accuse men, especially when the woman in question is considered some kind of irreproachable goddess? Liz Taylor married 8 times, and somehow men used her.

'It could have saved Marilyn's life, and stopped her from becoming involved with Robert Kennedy, which ultimately ended her life.'
No husband could had saved her life. And you have no idea if Kennedy ended her life; she ultimately ended it. It just sounds more sensational for you to claim that. The sexist attitude against men rings a high note on this board, yet people likely don't call you on it. You do seem to have resentment towards men and take it for granted that the men in her life were the antagonists