For A Jerry Warren Movie,

IPW was somewhat coherent and watchable. A monumental achievement considering who the creator of this avant garde film is.


Well, I thought enough of this film to actively seek out the DVD.


If for no other reason than to see John Carradine giving it his all. I have never seen him slumming it. He was a real pro.


Yes. Any movie with John Carradine is worth a look.

Also, as a kid in 1963, I saw this movie on the "Weirdo Late Show" (WTEN upstate NY). I was attracted to the music and, later, as an adult I tried to find it again. All I could remember was "Petrified" was in the title. I finally found it on VHS. When I played it, I saw the people with their deliberate walk through the caverns while that "Space Angel" music played and it was as familiar as if I saw it last week. I know it's full of silly mistakes and definitely no artistic treasure, but you're right. John is ALWAYS interesting to watch. Now, I do love my share of great classic movies, but I also enjoy these guilty pleasures.

I wish I could find that whole piece of music as a CD. Parts of it turn up on:

Space Angel
Night of the living Dead
Teenagers from Outer Space

I guess it's considered library music, but I think just about all of it was used in "Space Angel" (only the 1st season though)

I think I've heard parts of it in other 50's movies too.


Corman's War Of The Satellites also is dominated by music from Space Angel. Believe this 1958 movie was well before the Space Angel cartoon.


Jerry Warren's immortal masterwork "Frankenstein Island" is a film worthy of seeing. Most of his stuff is unrelentingly dull, but not this one. The last he made and in color with a good cast and John Carradine superimposed in a cave yelling about the golden cord that cannot be cut! Almost the same feeling I got from hearing Lugosi yelling "Pull the string!" "Island" is a keeper.

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