surprise packet

I picked this movie up on VHS for 5 bucks at a store's closing down sale today and am very glad I did. I had never heard of it or the director before but what a great little film. I recognise a few of the cast from a few Kurosawa movies though, so they must have been quite significant talents in Japan at that time.
The traditional Japanese dance sequences are outstanding, as are the special effects, considering the era. Did the people who made "Terminator 2" have the vapour man in mind when the evil cyborg ooozed his way through the bars in the secure psych ward?
Anyway...great film...great effects and melodrama; apparently the girl who played the vapour man's love interest is still working in movies....outstanding.
The only one element in the whole movie that jarred a little was the "invasion of the brainless" scene in the theatre towards the movie's climax. marks. Perfect midnight movie IMO.