Good Job Elvis!

I was transfixed near the end at this athletic ability.

The way he ran around gracefully and quickly.

He had real acting talent too.


He only sung in the credits and in one scene where he was entertaining the folks at home. His acting ability was never greater than in this film, but he also performed quite well (sans the singing, which was obviously his top talent and marketing tool) in "King Creole," "Jailhouse Rock" and "Loving You."

It's a real shame that he was mostly put to work making his usual "fluff" vehicles, although, of course, they're all fun to watch and naturally, who doesn't want to hear Elvis doing one of his numbers?


I finally saw this film all the way through and Elvis could have been an Oscar nominee or winner if he'd been allowed to continue doing this caliber of work.

I love his fluff flicks as well. Ten ten ten.

Why ain't you at the garden party you heathen?


Good film and a fine performance from Elvis. It's small scale and low production values helped Presley to shine and he performed as well during the quiter moments as he did the physical scenes. More of the same would have been nice to see.



Wonderful acting job by Elvis Presley and great story.

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