12 deaths?

And still the authorities don't set in and shut down that circus? Somewhat entertaining old movie, but its got a pretty absurd plot. One beautiful performer at a successful, well known circus would attract some attention. Once you get up to two or three you'd have a well, media circus on your hands.

Its funny how blase the police are about the whole thing. When the investigator goes to his boss after the 12th death, the chief tells him that we can't seem to prove it was intentional. Oh dear, not much we can do. I'd say 12 deaths would be enough to justify for someone t shut down the circus and have a really thorough investigation.

And how about the women? Don't they talk to each other at all? None of them seem too concerned about performing even though they must know that they're are dieing one after another. They should be sneaking away into the night, without letting the Dr. know they were going to do it.


How about the police detective making out with not 1 but 2 of the witnesses in an active investigation? Then Inspector Arthur Ames has the nerve to show up at a high profile social event with one of the witnesses as his date.

No wonder the European police authorities weren't able to pin anything on the circus after a dozen deaths over a decade. So unprofessional and undisciplined.

No two persons ever watch the same movie.