Best Quality DVD?

I've seen this film on different DVD's (own a couple myself) but they all seem to see the same if not worse quality as the other.
I read about the Marengo release being somewhat better, but without having seen it myself, I have no clue. (oh, link)

I really love watching this movie, and would love to see it done justice. Hopefully Synapse will do a restored version with this as they did with The Brain that Wouldn't Die, and Creature from Haunted Cave.
If anyone knows of DVD with a notably better transfer, feel free to help us out.

reply has it free but there's 2 versions
Make sure you get the 3gB mpeg version.
The 700mB DivX has squares you can see.

It's actually 2.7gB

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as dave challenged the lovers to run, the chances looked kind of bigger that hoss there would drop before they did, right. the monsters during the daylight when the rednecks are in the boat looks like rubber toys kids play with in the pool, the scenes with them later on i must admit looked quite brutal though. notice the search team walking with torches in the wood crowding around the trees and branch right through looks like they're about to start a forest fire. some way they handled this out-of-this-world discovery, locals with rifles and a rowing boat. got this in the movie macabre collection, don't be put off by the quality at the start, it gets better. similar title to a documentary elvira hosted, where she proved to be a marvelous narrator too.

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