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Why has this show seemingly vanished?

Outside of once having a pitiful number of episodes released on terrible el-cheapo video releases, this show seems to have never enjoyed a proper re-release or even reruns on a TV Land style revival station.

Anyone know why this happened this way?

As time marches on, I doubt this will ever surface again...although I do hold out a tiny sliver of hope that someone out there who is sitting on this show will take pity on us and put this out on DVD...someday. The show is too good to just sit in the can, good music, opening credits, stories and Actors.

Come on nice and stop hoarding this before theres nobody left to remember or care anymore!

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Actually the two episode VHS I purchased wasn't too bad. I have a DVD of all the episodes but haven't seen it yet. If you want to see them, you could check on ebay as they are available from time to time. It's not as good as having a DVD released by the production company, but it's fun to see the old episodes again.