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Timeless DVD release Checkmate: Best of Season Two

These episodes are on the Checkmate Best of Season Two on Timeless Media's
3 DVD set out on March.19th:

Disc One

The Heat of Passion
Brooding Fixation
Through a Dark Glass
Juan Moreno’s Body

Disc Two

Nice Guys Finish Last
A Chant of Silence
So Beats My Plastic Heart
The Yacht-Club Gang

Disc Three

Death Beyond Recall
The Sound of Nervous Laughter
In a Foreign Quarter
Down the Gardenia Path


Is the episode guest-starring Jack Benny (playing "Jack Bowen") available on DVD.

I think it is called "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Game."

I also think that Jack Benny's company had some creation-ownership interest in Checkmate.


There are two DVD sets out vie Timeless Video, one for each of the two seasons.
That episode is not on the list they supplied on the site below:


Thank you for the information.

I would hope that they can release more(preferably all) of the episodes, but certainly the rarity of Jack Benny in (as I recall)somewhat of a dramatic role.


They are hard to come by but there are different ways to obtain them,
such as i did with these episodes all off of original Studio 16mm prints,
uncut & great quality,so they are out there:

Don't Believe a Word She Says 1-28-61
Thrillseeker 5-27-61
The Star System
Heat of Passion (Dorothy Malone)
Target: Tycoon (Charles Bickford)
Death Beyond Recall (Walter Pidgeon)
A Very Rough Sketch (Keir Dullea)
The Princess in the Tower (Terry Moore)
The Deadly Silence (Diana Douglas)
Voyage Into Fear (Joan Fontaine)
Tight as a Drum (Dan Duryea)
The Human Touch (P. Lorre)
A Funny Thing Happened on Way to Game (J. Benny)
Renaissance of Gussie Hill (Eleanor Parker)
One for the Book(Audrey Meadows)
Side by Side (Buddy Ebsen)
Runaway (Anna Maria Alberghetti)
An Assassin Arrives Andante (R. Conte)
Hot Wind on a Cold Town(R. Montalban)
Paper Killer (Mickey Rooney)
Jungle Castle (Lee Marvin)
A Chant of Silence (James Coburn)
Dark Divide (Barbara Rush)Deadly Shadow (Margaret O'Brien)
A Mask of Vengeance (Janice Rule)
Deadly Shadow (Margaret O'Brien)
The Two of Us (Lloyd Bridges)