'The Philadelphian'

A few years ago I bought and read the 50th anniversary edition of "The Philadelphian", the great best-selling novel on which the movie is based. The book was published originally in 1956. Robert Vaughn, one of the key actors in the film, wrote the foreword for this edition, and one of the deceased author's daughters wrote a preface.

I've probably read the book 20 times and watched the movie 10 times. As good as the film is, the book is even better. While the book goes into depth of one of the character (Tony Lawrence) of the fourth generation, the book deals with all four generations. There are some differences, but you'll easily recognize the characters. One of the great things is that as I read the book, especially the second half, which dealt with the 4th generation. I could actually picture the characters in the book from how they appeared on the screen. I think you can still buy this new on Amazon or Barnes & Noble, and if not, you can easily pick up a very good used copy from Ebay or Amazon. Especially if you are from Phila. like I am, you will love the book. Not that I cavorted with the upper class main line characters, but I could relate well to them and the other characters and geographical settings as well.

I'm looking at the paperback edition right now- 322 pages. It's just about the right length. If you like the film, most of you will like the book even more. You won't however, get answers as to whether William Lawrence was gay. My own view is that neither the book nor the movie provide other than speculative information on this question.


It also comes in e-book form at Amazon.


I'll try to see what my PL has got? It's a good movie but I'm drawn to this for several reasons probably beginning with Paul and Robert at the height of their acting powers. And I suppose I have some class sense too that the film deals with.

Kisskiss, Bangbang


Oh, it couldn't be better than the movie! But I'm glad to hear that you loved both, especially the book. I can't wait to get my hands on it.

It seems like such a weird world/atmosphere, in that who your parents and grandparents are determined how far you could rise. I'm sure that is still true in many places. But it is not the way I think my generation viewed our possibilities.

Anyway, thanks for the recommendation. I look forward to the adventure.


I am sure you will love the book. Let us know how you like it.

I just read the book again, or I should say parts of the book. It is one of my all time favorite novels, as well as one of my favorite classic films.