Good chemistry

Both Coop and Chuck Heston create sparks playing off each other in a subtle way;there is introspection here and intial distrust for the other as each one tries to get the upper hand(one wants to keep a secret while the other wishes for the salvage of a ship for monetary gain)-and yet,before its all over,there is quiet dignity and respect for the one and the other: mutual admiration.
Indeed this is an overlooked and under-rated sea faring Tale.



Yep. Very good chemistry, Heston was amazing. This was an underrated film, it had a little bit of everything, action, courtroom drama, a little bit of bromance, haha. But yeah, it was quite entertaining, and I am not normally a Coop fan.


I would concur:an underrated flic indeed;

and,also,you are el correcto mundo when you state the various elements that which are contained therein which makes it even more interesting as a sea drama.

Well put,Sir.