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So which verson did you like better?

I really like the silent version but I did not care much for the remake. The acting was really not that good (which is strange since the acting in Ozu films is usually great) and I did not see the point with the remake. Also, I thought Ozu overused RED in the film. There was something red in every scene and often way too much of it.

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Oh the silent. Except for the girl who played the woman seducing the boy. She was gorgeous and a better actress than the girl in the b/w earlier version.

This was also the first Ozu film I watched which had a passionate kiss scene in it.


I tend not to have a gripe with acting in Ozu's films. Sometimes it turns out quite mechanical. I think what he was looking for was more along the line of essence in the actor.

I liked the red! But I think we should call it Vermilion which tends to have much more significance in Japanese "culture".

The key, in my opinion, is that it brings something slightly acidic to the compositions. This is quite important because the fiery-ness (latent rage?) is needed to bring out both the discord within the film and also its bursting with life.

Ive only seen parts of the b/w, but from what ive seen I prefer the color (although I find color awfully overrated when it comes to cinema generally).


I think they both had their strengths, I don't think I could choose between them. I quite like them both.

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