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I remember watching this as a kid

I completely forgot about this film - I remember seeing it when I was about 9 years old and I loved how eerie it was - the fact that it was an old film didn't put me off. I should really re-watch it... out of curiosity, when was the first time you saw the film?


I first saw it around age 9 myself - really surprised me a number of times! I was at a friend's house, it was on the Saturday afternoon monster movie show, we were maybe just half-watching it when the deaf-mute's spook-show death scene made me go 'What??', then Vincent Price, who at that point I only knew through his Sears catalog fine art line, pulls a huge Creepy Crawler out of her back, which made me go 'WHAAAT???'

Good times.


I too saw this at about age 9, and even though by then I knew that I knew everything about the world, some times I did wonder, what if I woke up one day and there was a tingler in my back.....could I go on?