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Other hills not too far away - artillery? Other support?

Off on the Americans' extreme right - when they're filming from the actors' left, and they're climbing up from right to left - you can see some other hills off in the distance.

I realize that this movie was not filmed on location, but it seems like if those hills actually existed at the site, that they would be able to put artillery on them and shell Pork Chop Hill mercilessly.

Anyone know if there were some equally tall hills nearby in real life as shown in the movie? They only look to be about a mile or two off at most, maybe even closer than that - I'm no judge of distance. Artillery placed on those hills, or maybe even just a few machine guns, would help in taking the hill immeasurably. Why not do that?

Also, I don't see them using mortars. Wouldn't a company have a mortar squad attached? Mortars would also be very helpful to use on the entrenched Chinese at the top of the hill.

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