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Mystery? Suspense? No. Great drama? Yes.

I got this film because it is touted as a "taut psychological drama". It is a fascinating slice of life one night on a packed train. I don't really see, however, how it is a "taut mystery" or "thriller". A very, very good film, but not a thriller or a mystery.

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Yes its definitely more drama than thriller/mystery obut great nonetheless


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yes like a great movie novel, cant judge a book by its cover, just like this movie. No one is whom they seem on the surface.


I’m glad you pointed that out. Too many times I’ve seen people complain that a movie didn’t live up to their expectations because someone else put it in the wrong category. They hold that against the movie which I find absolutely stupid.

In any category this beautifully–shot movie is mesmerizing with top flight acting and a delicate ambiance and mood that’s like a breath of fresh air. A masterpiece of Polish cinema.


Its a very valid point. The inane comparisons to strangers on a train that I'd read made for a very disappoinitng experiewnce- I went in looking for suspense and tension...


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To me, it seemed like drama with some mystery/suspense thrown in. Excellent film!

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