What a monster this film is. I recorded it and am cheating myself by watching the ending first.

Who was Kenneth More? He's a marvel in virtually everything he does, but it seems he was nothing more than a poor man's James Mason.

Nevertheless, they are both phenomenal to watch.

Of course I began with More in A Night To Remember, then there was A Christmas Carol, from there, Paradise Lagoon (but with the American title) and even Genevieve.

Wilfrid Hyde-White has always been a fave, and now here is Herbert Lom, who I liked as Nemo in Mysterious Island.


It's a ripping yarn. i am particularly fond of the indian engine driver, he's great.


Agreed on both counts. The driver is great. Adds so much to the film when he could have easily been a cheap cliched stereotype.

I remember watching this film as a kid and it always stuck with me. I've watched It many times since although the blu print isn't as good as it could be.

Moore carved a niche for himself in these sort of in charge Chippy British types but they were somewhat anachronistic by the end of the 50s and his career faltered but he continued to work. I never bore of watching him. He's like a low rent John mills in my eyes. Low rent is perhaps harsh as he's a good actor. Ersatz maybe.