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The passing of Teas creator Russ Meyer

The IMDB (via WENN) obit for Russ Meyer was a dud.

They didn't even show his picture - instead theyused an old film cover.

Also the name of that Russ Meyer film was The Immoral Mr. Teas, not The "Immortal" Mr. Teas.

And for decades Meyer NEVER "promoted" his films - in fact, he refused to allow them on video tape or DVD.

This continued until only the last couple of years, when he was too ill in his old age to spend time legally preventing their release.

The movie world had lost a great legend this week, and one who wisely saw fit to keep his films saucy instead of pornographic.

Centuries from now, after all the 20th century porn kings are forgotten, everyone will still know the name, and the films of, Mr. Russ Meyer.