I loved it

It's amazing how when all things come together properly in a low budget AIP flick, it can be very entertaining. This juvenile deliquency musical is campy and give a flash back to teen life in 1959. The nice thing about AIP, is that they put young women in the title roles often, Reform School Girl, Hot Rod Girl, Girl's In Prison, Runaway Daughters, Diary of A High School Bride, and in this movie, the teen lead is a street hot rod racer. (Shades of Shirley Muldowney.) The music is good, and the instrumentals should have been hits. The old lady & talking parrot are cute. This is not for the highbrow, but show it when your grandkids come to visit. Lastly, although these AIP flicks often get criticized, they made alot of money.


I wholeheartedly agree. What a wealth of California Hot Rods. Seeing TV Tommy Ivo, a real racing legend, as a young man was worth the price of admission in and of itself!! The racing duel between the two leading ladies was too cool. Watching the pair of "deuces" dicing in the iconic LA sluiceway was simply outstanding. You could see the old straight axle front ends work in the turns. Positraction-rears spinning the antiquated bias ply tires on the wet concrete while being tourqued by those Chevy twisters was the way it really was. Few of you in today's audience understand how Ill handling those tires were compared to modern radial tires with soft compounds available almost like non-street legal sneakers!! Coil-over shocks and normally aspirated motors with multiple carbs, they were the only reality depicted in the film. I've no idea who was driving them but it looked like a blast as they let it all hang out in close proximity in open wheeled rides. Not for the faint of heart.
The rest was a gas though and filled with lots of eye candy and comic relief.
Loved the girls costumes worn for the party and P.J. party following. Lots of Wayfarer horn rims and chinos.

No serious story, writing or acting here. The camera work was interesting at times but the b&w was killer, with a 1st class transfer onto the DVD.

I gave it an 8, because of the cool rides, groovy chicks and it was easy to dance to! LOL