Hi, just wonder if antbody have the same trouble watching this movie as it is supposed to be set in the early 40s in Italy, whereas everything looks so much like the late 50s and even 60s. I know it's not the most important thing here but it kind of annoys me and I keep telling my self this dress is so 60s, this is not the music they could listen to during those years and even this is not the way people would normaly live at that time period. I also realise I may be wrong and maybe some people would live and dress, talk like that or listen to that kind of music in the 40s but it doesn't fit to any example I know (films or books). I kind of feel it makes the whole drama artificial and although the movie is very well crafted and yhe acting top notch, the anachronisms makes the whole thing irrelevent, like a drama of the 60s set in the 40s for the sake of the film.