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Excellent widescreen DVD from Columbia Classics

Not many people seem to be familiar with this film, but now that it's finally available on DVD, hopefully it'll gain wider exposure.

The Columbia Classics MOD disc appears to be the first time Edge of Eternity has been seen in its original CinemaScope aspect ratio since its theatrical release in 1959, and the scenery and beautiful cinematography alone make it worth a look. But it's the story, the film's fast pace, a good cast (the often underrated Cornell Wilde is excellent) and above all the direction by the great Don Siegel that make this film a winner awaiting rediscovery. From the very opening scene until the edge-of-your-seat climax, Siegel seldom did better than he did here in handling both his actors and his camera in bringing this tense, exciting film to life.

If you like a solid mystery that's well made and something different, catch this undeservedly neglected movie. You won't be disappointed.