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Coming to US DVD on October 26, 2010

CUBAN REBEL GIRLS and UNTAMED WOMEN (1952) will be released as a two-fer DVD by VCI on October 26, 2010. No extras, and the films will be full frame, which is apparently the correct aspect ratio. I wish Beverly Aadland was still around for somes commentary, but I believe that she passed away in January of 2010.


I just posted a notice about this DVD on the Untamed Women site. What a duo. I have Cuban Rebel Girls on a DVD using a print with one of its alternate titles (I think "Attack of the Rebel Girls"), but it'll be nice to have a good print of the original, as I assume this disc will be up to VCI's usual standards. Haven't seen Untamed Women in decades. Are you sure there are no extras? VCI almost always manages some sort of extra material, even if it's only cast bios and the like. Oh, you're correct, the original aspect ratio of both is 1.37:1, so-called "full-frame".


Some fan site somewhere has a preview of the opening credits. The clip shown has the ASSAULT OF THE REBEL GIRLS title, and it's not great quality. That said, I don't actually know if the fan site has a copy of the new VCI DVD. They could have used an old print. Generally, VCI's quality is pretty good, so it's probably worth a purchase.

I don't think I've ever seen a good copy of this film. Furthermore, I think that most existing prints have the ASSAULT title. We won't know which title appears on the VCI print until somebody officially reviews it.'s description states: Bonus Features: none. However, the Amazon descriptions are not always accurate, so we'll have to wait.


"Assault of the Rebel Girls" -- right. The print of the film I have is fairly poor, but you may well be correct that all prints of this movie are poor -- in fact, there may have never been a "good" print, as -- let's face it -- it hardly boasted major production values in the first place.

Amazon's descriptions are thoroughly unreliable, so there may indeed be a bit more than nothing as an extra. Of course, we're not talking Criterion here, either.

My main interest in this DVD is to get Untamed Women, as bizarre a little movie as there is, with a no-name cast and preposterous plot that makes CRG look like The Sea Hawk. If you've never seen it, you're in for a treat, sort of. At least UW is laughably bad. CRG is just embarrassing, and sad. Poor Errol.


With both CUBAN REBEL GIRLS and UNTAMED WOMEN, it's probably worth a purchase, as I think the price is only $14.98 or thereabouts for the two-fer. I think it's been 20 years since I've seen either film. Seems to me that much of CUBAN REBEL GIRLS takes place outdoors, which means less than optimal lighting and sound conditions.

CUBAN REBEL GIRLS was probably a vehicle for Errol's "protege" Beverly Aadland. She is cute, but IMO, her voice does not have star quality.

I've always chuckled about that ASSAULT OF THE REBEL GIRLS title. Kind of a double entendre: are the rebel girls themselves being assaulted, or are the rebel girls launching an assault against somebody else?


Yeah, it sounds like an army of half-naked babes, their breasts bursting out of their torn guerrilla outfits, surging through the streets of Havana in some sort of Amazonian triumph, hoisting rifles aloft with their tanned, bare, oiled arms, and no men in sight. Errol would have loved that imagery!

Speaking of Amazonians, I checked out Amazon's description of the DVD. Among other things it lists it as "color/black and white" (wrong: both b&w), and says that CRG was released in 1952 -- try 1959. (They get Untamed Women's 1952 release date right.) Basically pretty useless. I can't understand how such a big outfit can get so many things so wrong all the time. I've sent in a few corrections from time to time -- aspect ratios, release dates, even titles -- and they've accepted all of them and made the changes, but I don't see how they get so much wrong so often...probably more often than not.


Just received my copy of the DVD today and the only extras are trailers for King Dinosaur (letterboxed WS), The Jungle, and The Bride and the Beast, all of which can be found on the previous VCI DVD releases of same.

That said, I'm thrilled to finally have a clean, reasonably sharp copy of Untamed Women. I've spent more than I care to think about on bootleg VHS and DVD-R copies of this over the years, and the VCI print blows them all away. It's certainly not pristine, but very nice looking considering the pedigree of this movie. (I haven't watched the whole movie yet, just skimmed through it.)

By the way, the Flynn film does bear the "Attack of the Rebel Girls" main title, and also looks pretty good (again considering the history of this movie). I've never seen any bootlegs of this myself, but I would presume that VCI's edition looks much better. At least it appears to be mastered from an actual film print, and while the photography does appear underlit in some scenes, I've seen far, far worse DVD presentations (e.g., Alpha, Madacy). (I also just skimmed this one, but it appears to be pretty good all the way through.)

My verdict: buy it! It's unlikely either of these movies is ever going to get a better release than this.


I'm still waiting for my copy to arrive, but thanks for the heads-up. I bought this solely for Untamed Women, which I haven't seen in well over 40 years, and can hardly wait. (Well, sort of.) I have a DVD-R of Cuban Rebel Girls whose print is actually pretty good (I mean, considering the film's basic crumminess), also bears the title Attack of the Rebel Girls and boasts the same cover art shown on the VCI case. But I agree, it's highly unlikely either of these films will ever get a better release than this...although, when you think about it, who else would bother?

Anyway, VCI is usually very good about using the best available prints for their releases, including the King Dinosaur/The Jungle duet, so the quality you cite here is unsurprising. I plan to order their upcoming 70th anniversary release of Meet John Doe precisely because they can be relied on to do a good job. (They're also releasing The Prowler on February 1.)


I received this disc from Amazon about a week or two ago. I've only had time to spot-check the films, but these were my impressions: CUBAN REBEL GIRLS may be the best print of the film that I've seen. Still, much of it was shot outdoors and on location, so it will never look like RAGING BULL. Since the 1980's, I've only seen one print that actually had the CUBAN REBEL GIRLS title. Virtually all prints use the ASSAULT title. UNTAMED WOMEN looked slightly fuzzy to me, but I'm not very familiar with the film. For the price, I'm happy that I bought the double-feature.

One of VCI's best discs is MERMAIDS OF TIBURON, which has two distinct prints of the film: a color nudie version that director Lamb later reconstructed, and the original version in color but without topless imagery. The much more common B&W version is not included here.

Warner Archives has released SANTIAGO (1958), which stars Alan Ladd, with Rosanna "HELEN OF TROY" Podesta playing a kind of "Cuban rebel girl" who stokes both Ladd and Lloyd Nolan. Wonder which guy she ends up with?


I got my CRG/UT disc the other day but haven't been able to watch it...I mean, in the sense that I haven't had the time, not as a comment on the films' quality. Plan to do so within a day.

I've barely heard of Mermaids of Tiburon. "Mermaids of Shark?" Sounds better in Spanish. May give it a look. Re mermaids, I finally bought Night Tide in a good DVD, just before it turned up on TCM. Not bad.

I believe Miss Podesta ends up with Leslie Nielsen, who had the lasagna.


Leslie Neilsen? I thought it was Lloyd Nolan (unless Neilsen is in the film, too). I haven't seen it since the early sixties. Warner Archives is rumored to be having a sale this weekend, of five single discs for 50 bucks and free shipping. If so, I might pick up SANTIAGO for that price, as I never did see it in CinemaScope.

The best DVD of NIGHT TIDE is the one on Miletone Film and Video. It also has an audio commentary track with Curtis Harrington and Dennis Hopper.

I heard that NIGHT TIDE was fully restored a couple of years ago at UCLA. Unfortunately, Milestone has no plans to strike a remastered reissue on DVD. It's a film that I like very much.


No, my Leslie Nielsen crack was just a dumb joke, taking one of his lines from Airplane!. Even I don't remember now why I said it! Added four hours later.... And I just heard now that Leslie has died. May he rest in peace.

I did order some films from Warner in its sale, though not Santiago, though it's on my "maybe" list. That was a good sale.

You've ordered direct from Sony some of its MOD Columbia Classics, right? I think I've asked, but how did you log onto the page listing their library of available MOD films? There's no link from the Sony home page that I can find.

Incidentally, I watched Untamed Women the other night. Well.... At some point I'll post a brief comment on it. Strange seeing a film I haven't seen in over 45 years or so...though I don't think time has made it any better! But it was enjoyable in a goofy way.


Leslie Nielsen probably saw your crack and died on the spot! Sorry for the graveyard humor.

SANTIAGO is actually 1:85-1, not CinemaScope, according to the IMDB.

I ordered ten titles at the ten bucks apiece price point. Took some chances with some films I haven't heard of, such as VIOLENCE (1947). At that price point, I'm willing to experiment.

I haven't ordered from the Sony site. In fact, I have heard that the Sony site DOES NOT have the new releases, although they reportedly appear at Movies Unlimited and Deep Discount. Don't know if they're at Critics Choice Video or not. I recommend Movies Unlimited, for the fastest service and reasonable postage cost (compared to CC Video, which overcharges for postage). The only downside to Movies Unlimited is that they don't send you a tracking number. You have to wait a couple of days and then phone their customer service (it's an 800 number), and they will give you the tracking number over the phone when you ask for it).

The Warner sale's "free postage" service uses UPS Mail Innovations, which took a very long three weeks to deliver my Halloween titles from WA. A friend who lives in a nearby city got his stuff in only one week, so I'm not sure why my order took so long. One annoyance with UPS Mail Innovations is that it takes an extra day when UPS "hands off" the package to the local postal carrier. By the same token, the postal carrier will deliver on a Saturday, which UPS won't do (unless the package is specified "for Saturday delivery," which Warner doesn't usually do).

I think my next MOD order will be for a couple of the new MGM MODs (such as THE SATAN BUG and CAPTAIN KIDD AND THE SLAVE GIRL). Then, I'll look at the second wave of Columbia Classics, such as SCREAMING MIMI. I'll probably stick with Movies Unlimited for the Sony and MGM MODs, at least for now.


I think Leslie would've appreciated your remark! RIP.

I have ordered The Satan Bug, The Private Files of J. Edgar Hoover, Big House USA from MU. I didn't know whether they carried the coming UA MODs so checked. The problem is I'd like to know all the titles available in this line. MU doesn't have a comprehensive list of the UA titles in one place, not yet anyway.

I haven't ordered any of the Columbia MODs yet and may do so from MU too, provided the price is comparable to the studio's MSRP ($19.99). That happens to be the case with the UA titles, which are available for pre-order at $19.99 each (MU claims a list price of $24.99, but from what I've read UA's SRP is also $19.99).

I had to call MU this morning about an undelivered order two weeks overdue. Turns out that someone at the Jersey City, NJ, post office sorting center is stealing packages. They've had a lot of this happening on orders shipped to NY (where I am) and other eastern states, so know what's going on. They're re-sending the order and they've been asking all affected customers to file complaints with the PO to speed up the investigation. This also affects other shippers besides MU. But I did get a shipping number from MU's order confirmation link, though as you say, it comes 2-3 days after the order is placed.

I have Violence on my maybe-list at WA. Never have had a shipping problem with them yet, usually get everything from them in a week. Unless that guy in Jersey stays busy...? Anyway, the reviews I read about Violence rated it only so-so -- good idea that bogs down and isn't developed properly. I'll be interested in how you liked it. I've never seen it.

I'm going away this afternoon for a few weeks and may not get back on line till late December, so thanks for the information, and please keep me apprised of any Sony developments. Have a great holiday, jobla.


Hey Hobby,

I hope December goes well for you and you have a great holiday. I never had problems with WA when they used UPS Ground for free shipping. The one shipment I received from UPS Mail Innovations took three weeks, for whatever reason. My current shipment is also coming from UPS Mail Innovations, so we'll see how long that one takes. UPS Mail Innovations seems to have become their default method of "free shipping."

Terrible to hear about the New Jersey mail thief. I hope they catch him or her very soon.

Some people consider the Sony Columbia Classics to be the best MOD products available. I've seen six or seven, and they are very good, certainly at least as good as the ones from WA and Universal/Amazon.

Since you'll be gone for a few weeks, if I see anything of interest, I think I'll just send it to you directly through the IMDB mailbox (private message board). We've gotten a bit off the subject of CUBAN REBEL GIRLS here.

Other "marginal" titles I have just sprung for include MADAM SATAN (I do like it, but wouldn't have spent $24.95 for it), ONCE YOU KISS A STRANGER, HOTEL, THE FIREBALL, and FRIENDSHIPS SECRETS AND LIES (which I recall as being talky but fun).

Later, Jobla


Oh God NO!

"Pleasedon'ttry2checkmewhenitcomes2MY OPINIONit’llbeawasteofurtime&energy Thanks"


Although today is the announced street date, has notified me that this DVD hasn't shipped yet. I'll post here when and if a new street date is announced.

Update: Amazon informs me that November 8th (2010) is now my expected date of delivery. Will post some commments when I've hopefully watched the new DVD.