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Mirror Image Doesn’t Make a Whole Lot of Sense.

Seriously, it’s one of the more stranger episodes of the series. Strange as in confusing. Who the hell calls the cops because someone claims to have seen their double? No matter how upset she may have gotten about it, no matter how crazy it sounded, wish her the best & mind your own business.

You called the police? Over that? The 1950’s must have been a hell of a place. What would WE say today? What would you tell her? “Gee, that sucks. Well Game of Thrones is on now, gotta go! Bye!” Not only that, but the freaking cops pull up & manhandled her! Yo, I thought it was a kidnapping. She was like “Whaa?, Wait! Who are you?! Am I being read my rights? Hey get off of me! Hey! Wait! Help!”

Also if she wasn’t so emotional, all she had to do was board that bus & confront her supposed “twin”, not run away for Gods sake. What’s the worst that was going to happen? But that begs a couple of questions that I think make some sense.

How come they (The doppelgängers) seem to be cognizant of us & in who they are & we’re running around clueless as to who they are & what’s going on? Also it seems to me there was a supernatural, metaphysical element at work here.

Did you see how Paul’s doppelgänger ran? He was enjoying it, because he was in no danger of being caught & he knew it. You see the burst of speed that he had? It’s as if some force propelled him from behind to ensure he couldn’t be caught up to or overtaken. It fits in what I know about doppelgängers , that they’re not supposed to able to be caught.

I’ve seen enough “Star Treks”, to know that it’s impossible to meet your own double physically or else both universes would end. What say you all?


Well, it's usually a very quiet station. They must've thought she was an escapee from sonewhere.

And if I thought some sinister twin was messing with me I don't know if I would have the guts to confront them!


Her twin sitting on the train was quite creepy looking.


The dopplegangers refer to the fear of being replaced in real life. The people she reaches out to just think she is losing her faculties, i.e. the real reason we get replaced.


I agree. As I said in a reply to another post yesterday, this episode makes me angry.