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the 7.9 rating, though i'm kind of pleased, it should be at least 9.0

this is a ground breaking show. so, so good, so nuanced, so original, so strange, so fantasy like. it has such a strange tone and feeling to it and aura. the first episode that I watched of it was about Maynard having to leave the military as they were doing a role call and then the brown haired guy had to step in and pretend to be him.

it had such a quirky, electrifying, odd radiance to it which was so apparent from the very beginning of that first episode to me. wow, just wow. so clever, the jokes are so fast paced and so unique. the story set ups are also so clever and well put together and original and fresh. it's so ahead of it's time in terms of comedic brilliance and comic timing, and it's great episodic sitcom format.