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'It Ain't Cricket' directed by Edward Dein

He was talented. Last night's episode was well shot and directed. Connie Stevens had an okay singing voice and presence. She had a different nose back then. Her Italian ethnicity was more apparent. Great art direction, loved the sets. And Robert Conrad did some of his own stunts, the chase scene at the end was good.


...and you'll get quite a story, abit a very sad one. She's the secretary in the episode.


QUESTION: Edward Dein is something of a mystery to me. I had enjoyed many years ago his unusual Western/horror film CURSE OF THE UNDEAD starring Eric Fleming from RAWHIDE and most memorably MICHAEL PATE as a gunslinger/vampire! That's when I noted Dein's name and watched for him in the future.

This past weekend I watched one of the many forgotten sex films reissued by Something Weird Video, FROM WOMAN TO WOMAN TO WOMAN. IMDb has its credits all messed up, but the onscreen credit was Directed by Edward Dein. Both IMDb and the AFI book on the '60s say that Edward Dein is a pseudonym for the rather underwhelming Italian director Ubaldo Ragona, who unlike his contemporaries has no following, cult or otherwise.

So the question is: why would an Italian director take as a pseudonym the unlikely name Edward Dein (odd spelling to start with), and how can one now sort out the real credits vs. the fake credits?

My theory is that this is just sloppy film history research. My best guess is that the real Edward Dein, whose work both you and I admire, ventured to Italy around 1965 and shot the film I just saw under the international title SWEET SMELL OF LOVE, with an Italian hack (Ragona) also working on the film. This was very typical (look at how IMDb gives equal time credits on Paul Morrissey's famous (and fun) Frankenstein and Dracula films of 1974 with Italian director ANTHONY DAWSON/ANTONIO MARGHERITI). The version SWV has is a 1968 retitled reissue with added U.S.-shot nude scenes to spice it up.

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