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Pretty Damn Scary for a Kid on TV in the 60's -- Kind of a Laugh Later On

I mean, here is a movie that opens with mountain climbers and one disappears into a cloud above them and...his headless body tumbles down out of the cloud still dangling on a rope.

And I think the Crawling Eye mind controls people and turns them murderous...or do I have the wrong movie?

And the cloud keeps marching down the mountain, filled with head-chopping crawling eyes and -- its rather like Carpenter's The Fog of 1980.

And then the crawling eyes -- one of them? two? three? -- are fully visible with their detached eyes and their tentacles grabbing hold of a scientific compound and attacking.

I thought that was a spectacular finale -- great effects, terrifying -- and the good guys melted those eyes down good.

Then a number of years later, I saw it again.

Talk about child development. Seriously, it took a decade or so to truly SEE how bad those crawling eyes looked(rather like eggs with yolks and seaweed hanging from them) the scientific compound a little model, the monster melting like eggs on the sidewalk.


But the FIRST time see that beheaded mountain climber, its nightmare time.

And good camp ever after.


It sounds like this movie inspired The Mist (1980) book.


There you go...The Fog....The Mist.

Its a pretty scary concept and the first half of the movie was quite creepy.

But them crawling eyes...laughable.

Unless you're a little kid with no brain wired to detect fake effects yet.