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Good, but it had me laughing in some wrong places

First of all, this method of transporting heroin and then collecting the stuff and killing the marks is EXTREMELY RISKY. It seems like a lot of trouble to go through to make ends meet. I mean, come on, how could these guys possibly make for the troubly they go through?

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I laughed when Wallach pointed his gun at the little girl and she started crying. Nothing gives me yuks like the weeping of children.



It seemed like a clever plan to me. If the mules don't know they're transporting illegal drugs, they're not likely to act suspicious (although Drexler was), and if they're caught, what can they reveal about the operation other than they got a good deal on possibly stolen antiquities? Also, presumably there's less overhead in using unsuspecting mules than people who would expect to be paid for smuggling drugs. And Dancer only seemed to be killing people who got in the way of his retrieving the items. Killing wasn't his primary mission; otherwise, he wouldn't have stopped with the houseboy when he got the silverware.

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