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Amazing film, missing one thing

Music and passion without those to share it with is without value, dried leaves rustling along the ground and pettiness to win burns them...

It's Indian, but I wouldn't call it Bollywood, it's more like Ingmar Bergman in its depth. The story is about a wealthy man whose life is music and putting on parties for friends, but he doesn't really enjoy the music
he just does it to one up his neighbors who he feels in competition with... his wife and son go out in a storm and die not to return, and he becomes a recluse in his castle, and at the end of his life he puts on one more
final concert. What I glean from it, is a cautionary tale about how we live our lives, to have passion, and to share it openly with our loved ones and not to neglect them for pettiness.

The film is amazing as a cautionary tale, but I felt it could have shown some form of redemption in the end, rather than racing out to regain something, out of fear for his own mortality, moreso a sense of humility and love for his family he lost, neglected all that time... I don't feel we see that in the film.



The film is about decay and and the doom of a noble man who can't handle the uprising of his low class neighboor,not redemption...this is a sad tale and is perfect as it is.