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Anybody know a naughtier use of an ice cream cone in a respectable film?

Charlotte arrives in Jules' room with an ice cream cone that has two scoops side by side. As Jules blathers on, interested always and only in his own feelings, the way she licks those two scoops is one of the sauciest sights I've seen on film. Then she throws what's left out of the window to her new and evidently more virile boy friend below. Lovely simple symbolism!


I agree, I thought that ice cream cone was meant to have a lot of meaning besides just a cool treat. In fact, everything she does while in that room took on all sorts of underlying symbolism.

Where I disagree is that she tossed the cone out to her new boyfriend. He was seen waiting outside but I think that came later. Even if he had been down there waiting the whole time, the way she tosses the cone it couldn't possibly have been meant for him. I thought she was just throwing it away; as she was tossing Jules away. It was very casual, abrupt, and with plenty of ice cream left to be enjoyed.

Woman, man! That's the way it should be Tarzan. [Tarzan and his mate]


I liked that, but I also enjoyed the way she uses the little fan to cool her backside. Very cute.

My favorite, though, had to be the little twirl she gave when she first entered and cheerfully said, "It's me!"