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This may be the most beautiful film I've ever seen!

Saw it once, and can't get it out of my mind! I'm constantly coming back to it, because every time I think of examples of films that are so artistic, so poetic, so visually stunning, I think of this. It's a film that awakens my senses – audibly, visually, intellectually… Seeing it, my imagination's carried away on a cloud of ripe color. The whole film is like one big, long poem---but oh, so much better! Brought to life... through sounds and visions of loveliness.

While this film is ultimately filled with sadness, for me, the emotion of enchantment overrides it. Regardless of how the storyline ultimately unfolds, this is a film that will touch you in other ways, bringing your sensuality alive like you never thought a movie could! All at once warm and freezing, this film is like a cozy cottage and a cold abandoned castle – it's like a fairy tale and a tale of woe. Simple, and yet profoundly effective!

I do believe that this film is quite possibly the most beautiful that I've ever seen! Highly recommended.

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Everyone in this film was so chic! That black dress Cecile is wearing in the black and white scenes? The one that has the ribbon wound around her neck and tied in a bow? Tres chic! And her hair! I would die for it.

The interiors of the house were wonderful too. Deborah Kerr even looked almost as good as they seemed to think she should.

What struck me when I first saW this was how bored I was at the beginning. Here were these beautiful people who had everything behaving all sad and existential. THEN I found out what they had to feel sad and existential about.