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Let's hear it for Naima Wifstrand

She had quite a career and was simply wonderful in this movie (quite a scene stealer) and also especially good in "Smiles of a Summer Night"

Some memorable dialogue - made me smile - from The Magician:

Granny Vogler: Why the tears, little lizard?
Sanna: Are you a witch?
Granny Vogler: Maybe I am.
Sanna: I'm so scared of everything tonight. And you're so old and ugly.
Granny Vogler: So will you be, little lizard, when you reach two hundred.
Sanna: Are you that old?
Granny Vogler: Oh yes, I am.



Naima Wifstrand was fantastic in this film as the grand dame of illusion. Her scenes were a little funny and a whole lot scary. I loved her in "Smiles of a Summer Night," "Hour of the Wolf" and "Wild Stawberries" as well. She was excellent in Bergman films, and it's too bad she wasn't around to grace his '70s productions.


"Granny Vogler: Why the tears, little lizard?"

Interesting that with the new subtitles for Criterion, this became "little ant".

"'Nature,' Mr. Allnut, is what we are put here to rrrrrriiiiise above!"


Little ant is even more endearing, in my opinion. Not that I have anything against lizards. I have had several lizard friends.