Hedy Lamarr?

It says on the cast list that Hedy Lamarr had scenes that were cut, or was she replaced?

Can anybody give me info?


Here you can read one interview about Slaughter on Tenth Avenue with director, Arnold Laven.

http://www.riflemanconnors.com/Arnold_Laven-slaughter_on_tenth_avenue. htm

Sentinel: Hedy Lamarr is in Slaughter on Tenth Avenue? I don’t remember that at all.

Arnold Laven: She had a bit part. Lamarr’s role had no meaning. I think a scene was written for her, she worked one day, and it had no relation to the story. I am 99 percent sure she was in the final cut, but she might have been cut out subsequently.

But for what's worth, I just saw this movie a few days ago and I didn't notice Hedy anywhere. So apparently her scene was really deleted.
Even though there wasn't any Hedy in it, I still enjoyed the movie and I'm glad I watched it.

And here is the complete interview, with Arnold Laven.http://www.filmnoirfoundation.org/arnoldlaven.pdf