Hans and Others ...

Frankenstein and Hans seemed to get on very well.
Both had an irrepressible urge for knowledge.
When you think of it, what ever happened to Hans?

And, when you think about it further, it might have been interesting to see what would happen if Victor ever came across his tutor, Paul K., and former fiance' Elizabeth again.


At the end of the film, Hans had moved to London with Frankenstein, who now was going by Dr. Franck. A new practice began so the cycle could continue.

"Cum Grano Salis"


I think Frankenstein was far more likable in this film. He seemed to have learned from his mistakes. In his first film, he didn't have a guilty conscience whatsoever and was going to complete his experiments no matter who they hurt. But in this movie I felt he had a bit more compassion. Hans wasn't too bad of a person either.

Burn, witch! Burn, witch! Burn! Burn! Burn!