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Here we go again, an another old guy and much younger woman as his love interest

This seems a familiar theme in 1950s horror movies. A pretty young woman in her early 20s falls for a man old enough to be her father, often in his late 40s to early/late 50s.

It happens in Night of the Demon too, another 1950s horror flick.

And in The Monster That Challenged The World, we have a flabby older guy with a double chin who's in his mid 40s (could be 50) who a young woman cannot resist. She's barely 22 years old.

What makes me laugh is that these older guys are always available. They have no marriage or kids. They wait around all their lives till they're middle aged to be snapped up by pretty young women.



So you obviously don’t know about the Electra complex.


That is horror in itself. Haha.