A Real Fave

This film for me is an often revisit...

-visually it is gorgeous

-charm written all over it(a kind of 50's innocence)

-good cast

-the farm scene w\Elvis doing Loving You is a keeper

-solid soundtrack

-did Elvis ever look better(Jailhouse Rock?)?

-good pacing

-unique in that Elvis' parents are in it

-Delores Hart('nuff said)

-symbolic of a great meteoric star 'rising

-Liz Scott

-Deke Rivers(great name reused by Val Kilmer in Top Secret,a homage)



Ditto to what you just wrote! This is my favorite EP movie, and it's often I find myself humming the title song. I have to go watch it right now....


Yeah,its time for me,as well,to watch it once more w\feeling >>>


It is my favorite Elvis movie too. I really liked Delores Hart.


I agree! one of Elvis's best!

I recently finally found this movie used on video and was stoked since it is one of the harder to find of his films!

Elvis was so innocent in this movie! I really like that, the young, raw, fresh hollywood talent!


The Truth is out there.


Yeah,El showed some innocence:Miss Markel,etc.

But Jailhouse Rock quickly altered THAT


I think Elvis was the most gorgeous in this film. I also love how his hair is slighly tossled in the front - makes me wanna run my fingers through it!


Amazing hair-thick and luxurious;

also,EP decided to dye black his natural brown hair.

Shades of Tony Curtis !-his idol watching his early 50's flics. But,except for "Follow that Dream" in '62 we see mostly the black-haired King of Rock and Roll throughout his career !