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Gift Guitar For Deke - Info

I just watched this movie on the internet last night but have seen it a few times over the years. What I noticed this time besides the over all good story was the difference in the two guitars Elvis played. The gift guitar looked to be 10 times as nice theone he borrowed from Skeeter, and that is what jumped out.

The borrowed guitar was a Gibson J45 and a new one cost $45 in 1940. The names were given for their initial cost. The gift guitar was a Gibson J200 and in 1939 it cost $200. I don't know what the price was in 1956 when this movie was made but by today's inflation, a new J45 is $3000 and a new 2016 model J200 is $6000.

Who knows what a real vintage guitar of either model would cost today.

The website lists all of the guitars used in all Elvis movies. I am glad no guitars were smashed in this movie.


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