Pretty Good B

from the stalwart Joel MacCrea with a cameo by his son. Of course, a movie western of this type is sure to end with every MacCrea fan getting what they paid for: the usual happy ending. Not bad story with certain flourishes and bad guy Mark Stevens getting what he deserved. How else would it end?

Nothing is more beautiful than Oscar Levant.


Yeah, pretty much a by-the-numbers flick. Few surprises, but it all holds together fairly well.

One cool thing about these old shows, the chance to see a lot young faces: LQ Jones, Slim Pickens, Dan Blocker, etc.

Another is that the camera tends to capture a lot of the background, wagons, adobes, store fronts, the nifty minutea later movies overlook.

(This is posted for entertainment. Don't get upset.)


C flat.