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Rock Hudson was BRILLIANT but the leading lady...

Wow! What a movie! I’ve never heard of it before nor have I ever read the book it’s based on. I am so glad that I took a gamble & bought this from Amazon to add to my new Old Hollywood DVD collection!
I wanted to read other reviews before deciding to post one of my own. I wanted to see if anyone else had a similar issue to the film that I did. I thought that Rock Hudson was brilliant in this movie. Though some say that there was no chemistry between he and the lead actress Jennifer Jones, I agree, but not for the same reason.

To me, Rock Hudson was there, on the mark, I felt the desire & love he had for her when he looked at her, when he spoke to her, when he would think about her or when he would talk about her to other characters. But on the flip side, for me, it was the actress that didn’t deliver the chemistry. Though I am not familiar with her or any of her work, this is the only film I have seen her in. I didn’t feel that she delivered the chemistry or the screen presence that the story called for.

That aside, story wise, I loved it, heck, I even cried & I didn’t see that coming lol. :D And the locations where they filmed are magnificent! Polarizing! So breathtakingly beautiful!!

I don’t know if this would have been a better casting choice for this particular picture but I would have loved to have seen Esther Williams in this with Rock Hudson. Maybe it was the scene on the lake in the row boat that made me think of her. :D I think one of the biggest missed opportunities is that Esther Williams & Rock Hudson never worked and made films together!! With their beauty & talent & style of acting, Esther Williams and Rock Hudson would have been a phenomenal pairing on screen!!

The BEST station out there!


...would've been great working together. Indeed, they were both beautifuland would've produced absolute magical chemistry onscreen!!


yes i agree completly, he was rock of this movie,
the leading lady was too old, she looked like his grandma, poor choice for her in this role