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They looked so much older than their years back then

They always looked so much older than their years back then!

I've just watched Jack Hawkins in The Long Arm (1956). He was 46 years old when he made that film, but he looks more like he's about 60 years old. I'm knocking past 60, and I look 20 years younger than Jack Hawkins aged 46 in that film!

A fine British actor btw. RIP Jack.


The women looked older than their years too! I think it might have been the clothes. There were no clothes for 'young people' really back then. Boys went straight from short trousers to a suit and shirt! Women just dressed like their mums. I think jeans were maybe starting to come in in the US but took a while to cross the Atlantic.


People did look older in those days. I suppose that nobody was trying to be cool and ever-youthful then.

Jack Hawkins seemed to have always played serious and mature and responsible parts. Another reason, perhaps, that he tended to look old in his films.