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Anybody else choked up about the ending and final shot?

Anybody get a little teary eyed about the ending? A couple times when I watched the ending, I can't help it, but to choked up. I mean, I can't fathomed about the ending. It's a piece of beautiful art. Make that a piece of movie art.


From another thread about the final scene I posted:

Yeah, I know what you mean. It is sad and melancholy. Sometimes I listen to the movie theme as sung by the Sons of the Pioneers and contemplate just what Ethan is all about and will he find what he is searching for.


Yup. See, there's no place for Ethan in polite society. He's a creature of the wild, and once he was done, needed to leave, to get back to the wild.

Without him and his ilk, the US would never have been settled, but there's no place for him once it was.

And that is indeed melancholy.