Tragic? I Think Not

It's funny how writers (from outside the business world) make the business world look like a nightmare. The Begley character is a tragic figure because he's being retired. In reality - he's lived a life of challenges and stress and he was well-compensated. He can now go and golf to his heart's content. Not a bad deal.

The 1950s way of thinking doesn't think twice about the poor guy running the elevators or the "girls" in the secretary pool.

Still a good movie and fun to see the Equitable Building. Rod Serling is alway worth the time.


He died! You must have missed the phone call from the hospital and subsequent conversation between the two execs and Miss Lanier.

As far as the 1950s way of thinking, the elevator guy and the secretaries were probably happy to have jobs, ones they could forget about at 5 o'clock. Today those jobs don't exist.


It's a good point. Each of the characters is a little bit of a caricature - each one is a little over the top.