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Great line about americans and their children, SPOILER ALERT!!!

the chief of the baddies is mad that his minions kidnapped the child
"Don't you know Americans dislike having their children taken?" he demands.

today, they would say, those stupid americans don’t care about their children or don’t worry about the americans. They are too weak to do anything.

yes, indeed, those were the days when the US was respected and feared and well regarded. We knew who we were and what we stood for. We were staunchly anti communist and socialist. We believed in the American Way, like Superman. We did what we wanted without fear. We were conservative. We never apologized for anything.

Now under the present regime we are either wishy washy or against our own interests. The people who we support instead of supporting our friends, the people we bow down to, don’t respect us for our “liberalism.” They despise us for it. They are not grateful that we put them ahead of ourselves.

People didn't mind what we did when we were consistent and honest and they knew what we stood for, even if they did not like us. Now we are weak. That is the our one crime, weakness and inconsistency.


Oh, barf.

My top 250:


We are supposed to be a compassionate country, which to some may imply weakness. But one thing is for sure, we are anything but weak.