songs performed

I always like to do this for movies in which folk/traditional songs are performed but not listed on IMDb:
The Yellow Rose of Texas ~ played on piano in bar, with part of a verse sung by a man // later played throughout the fistfight in the tavern
Buffalo Skinners ~ sung and played on the concertina by Woodfoot (Lloyd Nolan)
Sweet Betsy from Pike ~ played by Woodfoot
Charlie Is My Darlin' ~ played by Woodfoot

Now, if I could identify the other songs played in the background, I would be very happy. A number of them likely were popular at that time but I haven't encountered them yet.



Just watched this movie for the second time this morning. First saw it many years ago and liked the story and production. Lately I've started paying attention to the musical scores and this movie has some good ones like you mentioned.

One was a beautiful instrumental melody that was played at various times throughout the movie. I remember the words went something like this: ..."The pale moon was rising over the green mountains" .... After a little research on YouTube, I found that the name of the song is "Rose of Tralee". Roger Whitaker has a nice version of it. This song has been used in a lot of mainly western movies, usually as an instrumental piece, but I never knew its title until now.

I'm surprised since buffaloes were portrayed so often, that they didn't use the "Buffalo Gals Won't You Come Out Tonight" song in the bar room scenes. Probably thought it would be too cute for this serious of a movie.


I'd love to see this film again. The songs sometimes were difficult to make out though I might be able to if I could listen repeatedly. I recall that dialogue and other sounds often drown out the music.

Oddly, "Buffalo Gals" doesn't seem to show up that often in bar scenes of the Old West. Among the most popular are "Oh Dem Golden Slippers" and "Camptown Races". They really could have used "BG" because, I've read, the "Buffalo" is Buffalo, N.Y.! The song would vary, from "Buffalo" to "Hangtown" and other cities/towns/sites. But, it would be a neat one to have had, I agree!

"Rose of Tralee" is a very pretty one. I played electric organ for decades, and "Rose of Tralee" was a very early lesson learned. I now play it on the bowed psaltery, along with many period melodies.

*** The trouble with reality is there is no background music. ***


The song played during the final credits is “Lorena”. This song was composed by Joseph P. Webster and Henry D.L. Webster (they aren’t relatives) in 1856, and very popular in both sides of Civil War. “Lorena” appears in the classic “Gone With The Wind”, in the last scene of John Ford “Horse Soldiers” and in the beginning of “Cowboys & Aliens”. In “The Searchers”, another great western of John Ford, the melody of “Lorena” was used by composer Max Steiner as the leitmotiv of the film score.