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when will this be released on dvd?

i have most of doris days movies, however, i wish the industry would get all of her movies on dvd, including this one. has anyone seen it on dvd?


I'm hoping this film will get released in the Warner Archives collection. They are films that wouldn't sell enough copies to pay for a retail release, so Warner has begun releasing tons of them from the vault being burned on demand for people through their website. New titles are added every month - there are over 400 of them now. Keep an eye on the website and I'm sure it will get released there.


"Julie" is currently available from Warner Archives (August 16, 2011). They did a nice job replicating the original movie poster on the case.

Only 3 Doris Day films remain unavailable on DVD in the US: "Midnight Lace" and "The Ballad of Josie" (both Universal), and "Where Were You When the Lights Went Out?" (Fox).




TCM has put up in their Coming Vault Collection, 1960 drama with Doris Day and Rex Harrison, Midnight Lace. The street release date is March 3, 2014 for $19.99.

Details listed on TCM's product page