Barry Fitzgerald

I love him in this movie



He was every bit the living incarnation of a leprechaun, and - without even trying - often stole every scene. Compare to his younger brother, Arthur Shields, certainly a very competent and enjoyable character actor - same parents, same genes, but Shields somehow didn't get the endearing mix that Fitzgerald got and which made him so unforgettable.

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I was happy they decided to get married in the movie. It's great to marry your best friend.


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I would like to politely disagree. I thought he was AWFUL. Actually, maybe it was just the character as written, and he was just playing it in his typical Barry Fitzgerald way (as Harold_Robbins put it).

I thought the character made his sister's already difficult situation even worse by his behavior. So he said he would move out if he couldn't attend the marriage ceremony? I would have said, "Good riddance!!"

He must have majorly helped them out financially w/ the rent, otherwise I couldn't have put up with him for twelve hours--let alone years!

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Agnes said he helped them out financially when they needed money and I think he paid rent. He lived with them for 12 years and should have been considered immediate family. Jane was wrong not to include him (although he ended up at the church ceremony anyway with his new fiancee) and I don't blame him for being angry.


We're discussing Barry Fitzgerald's acting ability, not "HATING" him because you disliked his character.


He was wonderful in this role, as he was wonderful in everything he ever wwas in everything. Tremendously cute, appealing and his brogue is wonderful.


Playing the "bad guy" can be a lot of fun for an actor, but as you've pointed out, there is a definite down side: Some people will hate not just the bad-guy character, but the actor as well!

Hard to believe anyone could actually think that way.