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Not every girl dreams of a wedding dress etc

I know I didn't. I just didn't want all the frills and fuss. I know some girls/ ladies want the dress and all the big wedding. I just never wanted it. It's not "every girl's dream".

My sister's wedding was a big affair. I was a bridesmaid which I hated. Hated the dress. Lol
They spent a lot of money on the wedding.
They ended up getting divorced after a decade.

Me and husband got married by Justice of the peace. Couple of witnesses and that was it. No ceremony or reception.
First marriage. Only marriage. Been married 26 years.

I think weddings and ceremonies are for those who like traditions and maybe are religious too and it's for all the family and friends. Not so much for the couple. I think some couples go through the whole thing just to appease everyone. But I bet many would rather just go off and get married quietly without anyone around.