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Questions raised by a possibly inattentive reviewer

A reviewer who may not have been paying attention in the back row posed five questions.

1. Why does Attenborough want to go in with Culver?
He states his reasons. They are in the same racket out of the same port. It is bad for business if they carry on shooting at each other in mid-Channel but could be good for business if they co-operate.

2. How does Lee know that Attenborough will be at the garage?
He states his reasons. He had been suspicious all along but is now certain. So he must have been following him.

3. Why does Culver shoot Lee?
He states his reasons. They have been rumbled so they have to leave the country. Killing the one man who is on to them gives them time to get away.

4. The illogical notion that a boat has a soul?
Materially, while fully manned and maintained for combat it was in tip-top shape but is now getting old and weak. Metaphorically, it is decaying because from the heroic tasks for which it was designed the vessel has sunk to sordid work. Several commentators have seen the fate of 1087 as a symbol of Britain’s decline after World War II.

5. Since the craft was a Motor Torpedo Boat shouldn't it be the Boat that died of shame?
It was a Motor Gun Boat, not a Motor Torpedo Boat. Either way, in Royal Navy parlance it was not a ship and therefore had only a number not a name. Most of the public then and now would not appreciate the distinction and the title is catchy.