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Ernest Borgnine Interview With "The Archive of American Television"

I've just watched part of a rather extensive interview that Ernest Borgnine did with "The Archive of American Television" in 2008, and was a little dismayed by how little he said (or at least, how little he was asked) about "Marty." Of course, he talked about it and about winning the Oscar for the title role. However, aside from director Delbert Mann and playwright Paddy Chayefsky, no one else connected with the movie was mentioned.

I'm wondering if the reason for this was that he did not get along with other members of the cast, or that he didn't actually enjoy making the film. If so, this would explain why his best-known role was glossed over in such a relatively superficial manner.

Does anyone here have information about the production of "Marty" that would explain why it was given such scant attention?