Who has seen this cartoon?

I have to admit, until today I hadn't seen this cartoon and until last Christmas, never heard of it. But for pretty much all my life I've been familiar with the original cartoon from 1939 "Peace on Earth". I think anybody who's seen this cartoon will agree it's a shame people are too scared to do anything like this today.


I'm sure you won't check this, but I've seen both of the shorts, I like the first one better. By the way, there are some parts of a great pearl jam song that pay homage to Peace on Earth (soldiers). I'll post the link:


I don't poly-cotton to coping tropes, even my own.


I seen it and I liked it.

About then and now. Today we have a trend of promoting "world peace". By "peace" I mean "not offend anyone". So, movies, cartoons, practically any form of entertainment today is very bland because censors do not allow ANY OPINION OR IDEA, so no one will [censored] about it. They do not understand however that this is how the world works - someone will be offended by a simple butterfly landing on a flower.

Trust me, someday freedom of speech will be banned, to "not allow any offense".