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The pond where Kate was swimming at the first of the movie is a lake called Three Lakes (google it for pictures). It is on the left side of Hwy. 29 five or six miles north of Kanab, Utah. The lake has an interesting treasure story tied to it. I received the following email and link from my niece:

I'm bored at work today and started thinking about Utah and realized I forgot to tell you one of my stories about being there. One of my friends that I hung out with took me to Kanab. We stayed at his ranch in Kanab that his family owned called Three Lakes and there are all these stories about Montezuma's treasure being buried there. I thought you would be interested. It's a pretty cool story and this article is all true. If you google it you can find some other stories - but some aren't true. His grandfather who owned the land had the divers come and this was what happened. We swam in this same lake and they built a zip line which was fun. You can see where the tunnel starts to go down - I didn't try to swim down near there though. My friend and his dad, who owns a construction company, also started digging from above one time to try to get in that way, and the next day when they came back somebody had put sand in their machine they were using and ruined it. Kind of weird . . .

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There is great story about Kanab in the December 2009 Classic Images Magazine. It was written by Stephen B. Armstrong and is titled "Kanab: Utah's Little Hollywood." It talks about all the movies and TV shows that were shot on location there and it contains some fantastic photos.


Link appears to not be valid anymore

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