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Douglas: Conviction(s) playing Ulysses

With all the hoopla in making a classic foreign flic with all the difficulties in dubbing-the language barrier-there is the feeling which Douglas assumes the mantle of the title character.

Watching this movie for a long time(60 yrs.),Kirk is convincing as the King of Ithaca ! His emotions range well,exhibited on his face when he chokes up or when the temper is set is all there. Kirk is earning his salary ! He is in the role that after viewing countless roles of his,this emerges as a strong favorite.Perhaps,I shall continue this critique more fully at another time...


I agree. He is really believable in this role, as the clever king of Ithaca. From his own headstrong will to being almost heart broken upon finally returning home and listening to Penelope.

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Headstrong is the key..