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Does this movie get any better than the first 30 minutes?

I watched about 1/2 hour last night, and it was a real slog.

Normally I love VP and of course I love House of Wax, but so far, this film really doesn't have any of the razzmatazz as HOW or any of the good VP films.

In fact, the parts where VP is impersonation others seems like cheat...because obviously, you see some other actor, and VP in all his greatness.

I've got half a mind to stop and delete this one and go on to one of the other VP films that TCM is showing.


It actually does get much better almost precisely after the 30-min mark. I think the first act feels like it was tacked on by an executives order to help set things up. But the rest, minus maybe the ending, is much better. Still the writing and photography are very weak in this VP vehicle.


If you're not enjoying it by the halfway mark, chances are you aren't going to find it any better by the last take. At least it's better than The Story of Mankind (1957) with Vincent Price (his worst film imo).